One of the questions I am asked again and again by my clients is “How do I pick my colors for my logo and site”? All too often, I see a great design concept with a poor choice of colors. I feel five things make up good design… color, layout, navigation, typography and images. When all these line up, it is magic, when one piece is out of sync, it can all fall apart.

How many times have you seen a wonderful website, inviting and easy to navigate, you click on the gallery to see the product they offer and find the images look like they were taken in a kitchen with an iphone. Every part is important, but today we will talk about color.

I love what Kayla Knight said in her description of color

Color is a strong influencing factor in design and in the world around us. Each color has its own meaning to us based on culture, education, personality and a myriad of other factors. Thus, colors can strongly influence us in subconscious, natural ways.

Some people may trust a company more simply by their brand colors. Certain emotions and feelings can be evoked simply by seeing colors, such as “danger” for red, “cleanliness” for white, or “tranquility” for green.

An experienced designer knows that choosing the right colors isn’t just essential for aesthetics; colors can be used as a tool to convey a certain message.

Color can be a very personal choice, if a client has a vision of the end result, working to help make that vision come to life is my # one priority.

Early on I decided to create color boards for my clients to help in the design process…now they are everywhere, pinterest is full of great color palette ideas to help with the process. Here are a few of my favorite boards that I have created for my clients. Be sure to follow me on Pinterst for all the latest color board designs  PINTEREST



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